Khan Kon VII



2018 is the year we plan to break the 1000 gamers mark, with even more cross-border cooperation and new
gamer participation.

This is the seventh year of Beijing’s first and foremost Gaming Convention!  Each year, we aim to provide more and more fun and benefits to the gamers in China.  This year, our premier event will be in Beijing from May 12-13.

With a modest entrance fee that helps to pay for the rental and other logistical costs, our non-profit convention exists to help provide a platform for gaming, friendship and unity across all the geek/gamer/etc. communities.


When is it?

The Khan is from 09:00 Saturday May 12 to 18:00 Sunday May 13.  You can come for one or both days, if you join the first day you are welcome to game all night/morning long (and some people have been known to forego sleep to do so!).


Where is it?



Riverside Art Museum
Beijing Chaoyang District
Hong Yan Road

RIVERSIDE Art Museum is a global minded modern art museum located in the heart of China’s capital, Beijing. In addition to art exhibitions, the museum is also dedicated to educating and teaching our youth about art.




Who will be there?



In addition to hundreds of Chinese and foreign gamers, we will also have a variety of game vendors present running events, tournaments and (of course) selling games.




How to Purchase Tickets?

We usually sell tickets via an online platform called “Mo Dian”.  You can buy via Wechat pay if you follow this link.  It helps if you can read Chinese, or if you have a friend who can with you.  It is pretty simple, but the Chinese can be confusing at times.  If you need help, please feel free to contact Dan via Wechat: dfbass