Khan Kon, China’s number one and only gaming convention “by gamers for gamers” returns for 2014, now bringing its motto of “unity, friendship, and gaming” to the major cities of Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing this fall. Featuring game industry exclusive “sneak peek” panels, tabletop games from around the world,  digital games, and world-class role playing experiences, the yearly Khan Kon conventions are celebrations of games that are not to be missed!

The only bilingual event of its kind in China, Khan Kon was founded in 2012 and has been on a continuous growth spurt ever since. “We went from ‘gaming retreat,’” says Khan Kon President Dan Bass, “to a full gaming convention concept. We doubled in size, and it left us realizing there was a huge niche here that needed filling─a convention where gamers can have fun, play games, and meet other like-minded people.” What started with just RPGs and board games is now adding Magic the Gathering, digital games, as well as game industry discussion panels to its roster. Dan adds: “We want to share our vast pool of knowledge about all things gaming with the gaming community, so we plan to offer various panels on topics like GMing an RPG, digital game design, and others.”

From its inception Khan Kon was designed as an event to appeal to game players both new and old: a celebration of the role that games can “play” in building friendship and communities. The non-profit fellowship which organizes the event includes members who are active in both local Chinese gaming communities as well as expats; moreover, they come from all walks of life: from lawyers to automotive designers to corporate professionals to game producers.